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The Essential Role of RFID In The Field Service Environments

Posted by Royce Digital Systems on Mar 23, 2018 11:00:00 AM

The adoption of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is rapidly expanding into the field service environment because the industry is recognizing it's justifiable financial and operational advantages. Today, RFID tags are also found at construction sites to ensure that all the equipment safety standards are current as well as in production plants to monitor the various stages of the manufacturing process.

Here are the essential roles RFID technology plays in the field service environment:

1. Quick Identification of Parts and Inventory
Traditional barcodes are generally being used to identify parts and inventory but in certain environments they present a variety of scanner reading issues. One concern is that barcodes can only be read when they are in the line-of-sight of a scanner. Another major challenge is when products are stored outside or in harsh environments, the barcodes can wear off with time and become unreadable.

RFID technology is more than just an alternative to barcodes - it’s a robust, advanced and innovative solution. Emitting both long range and short range signals, items having RFID tags can be scanned from a varying distances without being in the direct line-of-sight.

2. Better Equipment Monitoring
Since RFID tags have memory, they are able to store large amounts of data which can be later transferred to other applications. As an example, RFID tags can capture data such as the item’s name, size, serial number, expiration date, manufacturer, repair logs and preventative maintenance schedules.
Get A Free Brochure!There are also specialty RFID tags that can store detailed information about the operating environment’s temperature, humidity and pressure. Likewise, field service technicians can obtain RFID tag information to confirm specific equipment operation integrity and maintenance scheduling.

3. Streamline The Service Repair Process
Get A Free Brochure!With the introduction of RFID technology, field service operators are now able to increase their repair/fix proficiency. That leads to better accuracy for the company’s overall field response. The cost of dispatch and repair time is reduced since your technicians are able to obtain equipment history information on-the-spot from the RFID tags.

4. Efficient Logistics Management
Keeping track of shipped items is an incredibly time and labor intensive process. Fortunately, RFID tag technology can help manage that. By leveraging the power of long-range RFID, your team is able to obtain better logistical control over the entire process while expediting deliveries. As the items move from the warehouse to their final destination, GPS and RFID working together can provide the direct link into the supply chain.

Quality Printing SuppliesQuality Printing SuppliesAs important, RFID tags can also assist your company in pin-pointing the location of items prior to shipment. Integration of GPS into RFID tags helps in monitoring assets such as generators, power transformers and heavy industrial equipment. It is especially beneficial for companies that are in a compliance-driven environment since RFID solutions keep detailed records of asset movements and their respective maintenance schedules.

5. Automated Equipment Management
RFID technology helps optimize asset locations and logistics management while keeping your equipment in pristine operating condition. By incorporating a comprehensive RFID implementation, you can receive real-time information on your assets.

The technology will also provide notification regarding potential equipment issues which may require servicing. This way, you can stay ahead of any major business disruptions. By seamlessly integrating RFID into your business information flow, you are now able to access key data points to improve the running of your operation.

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With the recent increased focus on patient safety in the healthcare sector, innovative technologies like Barcode and RFID tags have been introduced in recent years to improve the overall quality of patient care. The ultimate goal is to create an enhanced healthcare experience by integrating critical healthcare information through medical software, hardware and their applications.

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